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We are blessed to serve God and live in the beautiful state of Alaska. The Valley church is an active loving church family that is striving to glorify our Heavenly Father in all we think, do, say, and are. We would love to meet you or hear from you. Please feel free to explore this site, visit with us, or contact us. Our building is located in the heart of the growing, thriving Mat-Su Valley. May God bless you.


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Hello all, this is a quick rundown about what happened recently with the church's website. A few weeks ago I got an email from someone asking me if the church's website had been compromised.

I ran a few scans on the site and found that somehow some code had been placed on the server our website was hosted at.  This was not someone deliberately attacking church websites it was probably just some automated bot out there on the Internet trying to get advertisements on other websites, but it in addition to the website getting slower and slower was enough for me to cut ties with our current website host.

I took this opportunity to upgrade all of the features and structure of the website to their respective newest versions.  This is something that I had been wanting to do for a while, but I had hoped to stretch the process out over a few months, not days.  Unfortunately because of the current website had been compromised I was unable to keep the majority of the code, and was forced to rebuild it from scratch.

The blessing out of all of this, is we now have a new, fast, clean website to use for God's benefit.  I tried to keep the website looking and functioning as close as possible to the way that it used to, but it is very much brand new from the ground up. I appreciate everyone's patience through all of this, and I hope the improvements will allow for even more good to come from the site.

- Brady

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2017 Leadership Conference Schedule

05 Feb, 2017 (Hits:1112) Lectureship Brady Kuenning - avatar Brady Kuenning

“I will build my church...” A Biblical look at Christs design for his church. By Loren Hollingsworth, Preacher, Teacher, and Missionary for 44 years in Thailand. By Mike Shero, Preacher of the An...

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2017 Lectureship Schedule

05 Feb, 2017 (Hits:1990) Lectureship Brady Kuenning - avatar Brady Kuenning

Friday, April 7th, 2017 5:00 - 5:30 pm Registration Begins 5:30 - 7:00 pm Dinner 7:00 - 7:15 pm Singing and Welcome - Children dismissed, yo...

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First Days in the New Building

07 Sep, 2016 (Hits:1037) Building Plans Robert Kuenning - avatar Robert Kuenning

    The anticipation, relief and excitement rise daily as the Valley church of Christ gets ready for its first Sunday Assembly in our new building. We could not say enough words of...

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Moving Details

26 Aug, 2016 (Hits:1471) Building Plans Robert Kuenning - avatar Robert Kuenning

Dear Valley church Family, Our Wonderful Heavenly Father has blessed us with progress and success in some of the last phases of our new building construction. Therefore, with God’s blessings, we plan...

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State Lectureship

13 Apr, 2016 (Hits:2064) News Brady Kuenning - avatar Brady Kuenning

Update: Thanks to everyone who attended the 2016 Alaska Statewide Lectureship. 2016 Lectureship Schedule Thursday, April 21, 2016 06:30 – Teacher’s Workshop (separate male and female cla...

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New Building Update - Jan 2016

24 Jan, 2016 (Hits:2021) Building Plans Robert Kuenning - avatar Robert Kuenning

Dear Valley church Family, We want you all to know about the progress of your new building. We told you a few weeks ago that two major inspections were successfully completed. Our borough fire inspec...

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Revised parking plan

28 Nov, 2015 (Hits:1313) Building Plans Dave Williams - avatar Dave Williams

I have spoken with the manager of Jansen-Eastman Funeral Home about the new lawn areas.  The parking plan is now revised to allow parking in front of the building next to Blue Lupine is and in th...

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New Building Update - Oct 2015

03 Oct, 2015 (Hits:2134) Building Plans Barry Munsell - avatar Barry Munsell

A great deal of work has been done in the last several days at the building: Barry has been finalizing the framing of walls in several areas inside the building.  Among the most significant are ...

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What is the Church of CHRIST

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Our church Mission:    ... Make Disciples ... In Jesus' great commission to His followers recorded in Matt 28:18-20, the central command is to "make disciples". That command we take ...

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Big Changes

01 May, 2015 (Hits:2355) Building Plans Brady Kuenning - avatar Brady Kuenning

Here at the Valley church of Christ, we are going through an incredibly exciting time of transition in respect to our building.  We are scheduled to close on the sale of our current building on B...

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2014 VBS

21 Jun, 2014 (Hits:3399) Local Missions Robert Kuenning - avatar Robert Kuenning

Church Family, We're less than a week away from our Vacation Bible School. As a reminder, we have classes for children up through 5th grade. There are also plenty of service opportunities for our mid...

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Map & Directions

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The 2017 Alaska state le...

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Unable to Open Bulletins

14 Nov, 2013 (Hits:3080) Site Info Brady Kuenning - avatar Brady Kuenning

A few people have come to me saying that they are unable to open the bulletin files on this site.  If you are getting any permission errors on this site it is most likely that you are accesing it...

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March 2012 Expansion Update

11 Mar, 2012 (Hits:3063) Building Plans Barry Munsell - avatar Barry Munsell

I am excited to announce that we have received a proposal from a local contractor that finally could allow us to begin building this summer. This proposal is for the first phase of the building and fl...

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