Summary Of Building Proposals

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The following is a report that I originally sent out to the expansion committee in October 2011 - Barry Munsell

Summary of building proposals received to date:

Summer 2009

Original estimate from the first architect - more than we could afford?

April 2010

Steppers Construction

Total - $3,673,340($99 sq. ft.)
Shell only - $2,132,890($58 sq. ft.)

Steppers Construction's proposal was loosely based on the first architects set of plans and included the center unfinished basement section for a total of 37,157 sq. ft. Since the plans they had did not include final structural engineering, Steppers' switched to a pre-engineered steel building with block wainscot and insulated steel wall panels. They noted that their price would cover all the costs for the engineering to complete the structural, mechanical and electrical plans as well as architectural review to coordinate the design team through to a completed stamped plan set for submission to the fire marshal.


Steppers' also noted that their price did not include the following items because the cost couldn't be determined until the engineering work was completed: the additional foundation and structural concrete work needed to accommodate the pre-engineered building, all site work and basic utilities, exterior concrete for sidewalks, curbs, parking and driveways and the walk-in baptistery.

Steppers' proposal also did not include other major ticket items. Specifically, no heating/HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures or labor are included, (only the underground plumbing as shown on the plans was included), plus no electrical equipment or labor was included. At the time we figured, just off the top of our heads basically, that the not included items would push the price up anywhere from one quarter to one third or a total of $4.5 million to over $5 million at the very least.

In the end, as I remember, we never really pursued any more information from Steppers because we were transitioning away from the old architect's plans and the idea of having a basement, plus, of course, even the $4.5 million seemed way over budget.

Interestingly, Steppers' $58 per sq. ft. shell only price is almost the same as FE Contracting's shell only price for 25,160 sq. ft. Figuring that Steppers' shell only price is 42.7% of $5 million, that would add 57.3% to FE's price of $1,481,800 resulting in a total of about $3.5 million for 25,160 sq. ft. or $140 sq. ft.

July 2010

Jack Bradley

Total - $1,500,000

This proposal was based on the first set of plans with no basement. I never sent this proposal out to the committee or the congregation and I apologize for that. I guess I didn't send it out because I didn't really know what to think of it. It seemed like to me that, given all the information we had gathered, the total price was extremely low and, in any event, the proposal was too basic to evaluate? Additionally it seemed to me that his proposal would have meant us acting as our own general contractor, something we haven't wanted to do. Anyway this is the letter he sent me, dated July 7, 2010.

Dear Barry,

I am sending a revised plan A with suggested roof framing. This is a good plan I believe and could be totally wood frame with scissor truss in Auditorium and flat bottom trusses, probably half truss butted because of length, roof could be metal with metal siding.

A working estimate $1.5 Million for this 23,000 sq. ft. plan would not include site work, but would include ready for occupancy, and of course not knowing numerous decisions that govern cost, I have used my own judgment. Working drawings would need to be developed, and should not be a big expense. We definitely need more exits and to work out the ceiling heights you desire. As you see this would be no basement, unless site conditions would indicate it to be more economical. This plan could be changed in dimensions to adjust for your requirements.

This plan is similar to ones I built years ago, only I used Laminated wood arches and wood decking roof with class rooms wrapped around Assembly area. Wood trusses over proposed fellowship area would be a challenge, but is doable. Of course years ago, I was building for $15.00 sq. ft. My how times have changed.

Hope this will be of use, and finalizing your building plan, as I know you been at this a long time.

Best of Luck


For comparison's sake $1.5 million divided by 23,000 is $65.22 per sq. ft., less than half of the $150 per sq. ft. minimum we have been told to expect. For additional comparisons, though, in talking toJohn Bradley he said that the last airplane hanger with living quarters that he built in 2010 atWolfLakecame in at $85 per sq. ft, not including land. Also, to date, the house that Marlene and I built has cost us $106 per sq. ft. not including land. Please take into account that the numbers that John and I have are hard numbers but don't include our own labor, nor any professional design costs. We also acted as our own general contractors, just hiring subcontractors as needed.

November 2010

Arctic Fox - Chuck Morris

Shell only $538,600
Shell with floor and insulated roof $926,000

According to the information that I have, Chuck proposed a pre-engineered metal building with a 78' x 140' x 20' tall center section and 50' wide lean-to sections on each side for 24,920 sq. ft. total. The building would be constructed with insulated steel panel walls with framed openings for windows and doors and steel pan roof decking. Only 4 actual man doors were included in the price and all other windows, roof insulation and roof waterproof membrane were excluded. Also excluded was all site work, including the building foundation.

Chuck estimated that labor and materials for the whole building delivered and erected would be $538,600 and that adding a concrete floor (including foundation?) and an insulated and waterproofed roof would push the price to $926,000.

Again, I don't remember going very far into investigating Chuck's proposal because, by this time, we had decided we needed to hire a general contractor and I don't remember Chuck really selling himself as such.

Jenson and Sons Construction

TotalBuilding - $2,952,560

Gary Foster

The way I remember it,Garyput together a proposal based on the original architect's plan but without any basement. According to my notes he proposed an on grade slab foundation with all wood construction. As near as I can figure, and I don't have very good notes, the square footage would have been around 23,600.

Here again, I don't remember really looking atGary's proposal in much depth because we were looking for a general contractor. Just looking at the proposal now, at $125 per sq. ft., the price is the lowest of the other prices we have received and the proposal seems to be the most complete, as far as design work, site work, foundation, floors, driveways, etc. etc.

F-E Contracting

Shell only - $1,481,800

Butch gave us a proposal based on phased construction, figuring that the first phase would just get us an enclosed building of 25,160 sq. ft. Butch proposed using a pre-engineered building with insulated steel panel walls and an insulated steel panel roof with rubber waterproofing membrane. No site work and no other interior or exterior work of any kind was included in the price.

I've had a couple of email exchanges with Butch and have talked to him once on the phone since we received his proposal, mainly just asking about windows and doors (only a couple of walk-in doors are figured into the price and no windows).