Big Changes

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Here at the Valley church of Christ, we are going through an incredibly exciting time of transition in respect to our building.  We are scheduled to close on the sale of our current building on Blue Lupine Drive, which will allow progress on the new building to continue at an even faster pace.  This is a very exciting development for us, but will create some interesting scheduling and logisitical challenges for this summer.  

 Sunday Mornings:
Due to the generosity of the buyers of our building, we will be allowed to continue to meet on Sunday mornings in the Blue Lupine building with a modified schedule.  Our Sunday morning services will continue to start at 10:00am and go to 11:30am.  Classes, however, will start at 11:45am and run until 12:30pm.  

Our weekly fellowship meal will be suspended until we are in our new building.  If possible, we will have special meals together on Sunday afternoons when they can be scheduled. Construction, safety, location, room, and time will all effect when and where we can get together.

Our video streaming of Sunday services will be suspended until we are in our new building.

All Sunday classes will be held in the same room as now.

Wednesday Evenings:
We will not be able to hold Wednesday evening events in the Blue Lupine building.  We plan to have Wednesday night devotional services in the new building as construction allows. Please listen to weekly announcements or contact the church for week to week updates on how Wednesdays will work.

Church Office:
The church office will be relocated to the Hanshew's home.  Phone calls to the office (907)-745-3011 will be answered by Nancy Hanshew, Ross Hanshew, Robert Kuenning, or David Shipley.

Valley Bible Institute:
The Valley Bible Institute classes will meet at the Williams' home, 860 N. Shenandoah Dr., on Wednesday nights at 7pm.  For specifics or directions please call 907-745-3011.

Home Group Meetings:
With the loss of fellowship and group study time, Home groups will become even more important to outreach and spiritual health.  The current Home meetings will continue as in the past and we'll add groups as need and opportunity arise.  If you want to help or join a group, please call Robert Kuenning, David Shipley, or Mike Katkus for information on a group in your area.


During this entire process of saving, building, selling, and moving, we have reminded each other that buildings are just tools for the Lord's work.  It is people that are priceless before God.  Therefore let us renew our efforts to reach the lost and extend love and encouragement for each other during this next challenging phase of congregational expansion.



March 2012 Expansion Update

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I am excited to announce that we have received a proposal from a local contractor that finally could allow us to begin building this summer. This proposal is for the first phase of the building and floor plan on the new property that we have been working on for the last few years and that has been presented to you.

Next Sunday, March 18, 2012, Lord willing, we will meet as a congregation to look at this proposal in detail and discuss our options and challenges. We have not set an exact time for the meeting yet so please stay tuned.

Till we meet please pray for God's blessing, guidance and strength so we may move forward in unity as a congregation.

Dec 2011 Expansion Update

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I last talked to you back in March and I know that you have been wondering what was going on.

Our goal going into the spring was to nail down a price for constructing the first phase of our new building so that we could move forward with on site work this fall.  Working with F E Contracting of Palmer we finalized our building plans and had an architect draw up rough elevations.  With that information in hand, F E was able to get a quote from a steel building company and give us a first phase estimate.

As background information, since we don't have all the cash in hand to complete a building, we have been working from the premise that we needed to build in phases as funds became available.  In that vein we have considered two general approaches.  One, the one we have been working on, is to build a whole shell as a first phase and then finish the interior in sections.  The other option being that we would build a smaller section to completion, like the auditorium and then add on other sections, classroom and fellowship wings, as funds became available.

History of the Current Expansion Plans

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The current property was deeded to the Valley Church of Christ in 1976.  By 1977 the church had built only the basement of the "fellowship" side of the current structure and was meeting there.  Active membership at the time was around 50.

In the early 1980's the current "fellowship hall" was added above ground and became the auditorium.  Later, two enclosed "ATCO" trailers were attached to the back for classrooms.  Active membership was around 80 at that time.

In 1992 the church built the current auditorium and basement classrooms.  The old building was not required to match the newer codes as long as the connection between the buildings was kept to a minimum.  That is why we have such a skinny hallway between our auditorium and fellowship hall.  At this time active membership was around 100.

Summary Of Building Proposals

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The following is a report that I originally sent out to the expansion committee in October 2011 - Barry Munsell

Summary of building proposals received to date:

Summer 2009

Original estimate from the first architect - more than we could afford?

April 2010

Steppers Construction

Total - $3,673,340($99 sq. ft.)
Shell only - $2,132,890($58 sq. ft.)

Steppers Construction's proposal was loosely based on the first architects set of plans and included the center unfinished basement section for a total of 37,157 sq. ft. Since the plans they had did not include final structural engineering, Steppers' switched to a pre-engineered steel building with block wainscot and insulated steel wall panels. They noted that their price would cover all the costs for the engineering to complete the structural, mechanical and electrical plans as well as architectural review to coordinate the design team through to a completed stamped plan set for submission to the fire marshal.