First Days in the New Building

Written by Robert Kuenning on . Posted in Moving News

    The anticipation, relief and excitement rise daily as the Valley church of Christ gets ready for its first Sunday Assembly in our new building. We could not say enough words of thanks to those to whom we are in debt. There have been 100’s of excellent construction workers, many caring volunteers giving many 1000’s of hours of labor and service, much sacrificed to raise funds and donate property, and more determination and patience than could ever be described.

Give honor to whom Honor is due.   Rom 13:7


Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.   Prov 3:27

    But really, all praise and thanks goes to the only one who made all this possible. Our magnificent heavenly Father and glorious God must be the focus of all our praise and thanks. He is the source, the power, the purpose, the goal, and the reason for everything we do. Thank you, Father.

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.   Rom 11:36

    With God’s grace and blessing, we hope to begin meeting in the new building starting this Sunday, the 11th of September. If He permits, our schedule will look like this.

  • Sunday, September 11
    • 10AM 1st Valley Church Assembly in the new building
    • 11:45 Fellowship Lunch
    • 5:30 Munsell’s Home Group Meeting, location to be announced.
  • Tuesday, September 13
    • 7PM Men’s Group Meeting, Scott Crocket’s Home
    • 7PM Ladies Bible Study, Lyndsay Teamer’s Home
  • Wednesday September 14
    • 7PM 1st Wednesday Evening Service in the new building (We will have a singing/devotional evening together.)
    • 7PM VBI Class on Greek (continuing from Summer Schedule)
  • Thursday September 15
    • 6PM Home Group Meeting at Brady and Aspen Kuenning’s Home
  • Saturday September 17
    • 1PM Funeral Service for L.E. Wyrick (Tentative)
  • Sunday, September 18
    • 10AM Church Assembly in the new building
    • 11:45 Fellowship Lunch
    • We hope to have everything ready for Bible Classes
  • Monday, September 19
    • 7PM VBI Class on Psalms begins at the building

… etc. …

        Wednesday Evening Services will continue to be congregational devotional gatherings until Wednesday Bible Classes are set and ready.

    We hope to work out the “bugs” involved in using the building over the next few weeks and will plan an “Open House” in October. We want the Open House to be a special day of thanks to our contractors and other benefactors and a warm hello to our new neighbors.

    All of this is lifted up in submission to God’s Will for His purpose and glory.

    We dearly hope you can join us.

Moving Details

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Dear Valley church Family,

Our Wonderful Heavenly Father has blessed us with progress and success in some of the last phases of our new building construction. Therefore, with God’s blessings, we plan to have our first service on the 11th, the second Sunday in September. That first Sunday will have a full service, fellowship meal and Bible class schedule, if at all possible. Our last Sunday in the old building will be Sunday, September 4th and we will not have classes on that day. Our hope is to use the 2 week period from the 29th of August through the 10th of September as a time of moving, preparation and set-up. The Labor Day weekend should give us extra time and flexibility to get things ready. We will have classes on Sunday the 28th.

We are having a meeting tomorrow, Saturday at 10AM at the new building for all teachers (past, current, & future) and all those who want to help get ready for our first service and Bible classes there.

What: Organization & Planning Meeting

Why: Discuss and Decide:

  • - Classroom uses based on class sizes and needs
  • - Classroom preparation
  • - Supply Room preparation
  • - Moving Schedule
  • - Cleaning needs
  • - Set up needs
  • - Fellowship meal preparation
  • - On-going Construction
  • - Anything else

When: Saturday, August 27th starting at 10:00 AM

Where: Fellowship Hall of the New Building (1125 Majestic View Cir., Wasilla)

Who: All teachers (past, current, & future), deacons whose work is connected with the building, those responsible (or want to be) for areas in the building, and all those who want to help. (We need help.)

Please give thanks to God for this and pray for a unifying and smooth transition.

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1Thes 5:16-18

With His Love and Joy,

your elders

Revised parking plan

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unnamedI have spoken with the manager of Jansen-Eastman Funeral Home about the new lawn areas.  The parking plan is now revised to allow parking in front of the building next to Blue Lupine is and in the area adjacent to Hartley Motors. Be advised that there is a lot of new, soft fill in the area adjacent to Hartley Motors. The rest of the plan stays the same as sent by email last week. Please be careful to not disturb the new lawns as shown in the attached parking plan.

Thank you, Dave Williams

Big Changes

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Here at the Valley church of Christ, we are going through an incredibly exciting time of transition in respect to our building.  We are scheduled to close on the sale of our current building on Blue Lupine Drive, which will allow progress on the new building to continue at an even faster pace.  This is a very exciting development for us, but will create some interesting scheduling and logisitical challenges for this summer.  

 Sunday Mornings:
Due to the generosity of the buyers of our building, we will be allowed to continue to meet on Sunday mornings in the Blue Lupine building with a modified schedule.  Our Sunday morning services will continue to start at 10:00am and go to 11:30am.  Classes, however, will start at 11:45am and run until 12:30pm.  

Our weekly fellowship meal will be suspended until we are in our new building.  If possible, we will have special meals together on Sunday afternoons when they can be scheduled. Construction, safety, location, room, and time will all effect when and where we can get together.

Our video streaming of Sunday services will be suspended until we are in our new building.

All Sunday classes will be held in the same room as now.

Wednesday Evenings:
We will not be able to hold Wednesday evening events in the Blue Lupine building.  We plan to have Wednesday night devotional services in the new building as construction allows. Please listen to weekly announcements or contact the church for week to week updates on how Wednesdays will work.

Church Office:
The church office will be relocated to the Hanshew's home.  Phone calls to the office (907)-745-3011 will be answered by Nancy Hanshew, Ross Hanshew, Robert Kuenning, or David Shipley.

Valley Bible Institute:
The Valley Bible Institute classes will meet at the Williams' home, 860 N. Shenandoah Dr., on Wednesday nights at 7pm.  For specifics or directions please call 907-745-3011.

Home Group Meetings:
With the loss of fellowship and group study time, Home groups will become even more important to outreach and spiritual health.  The current Home meetings will continue as in the past and we'll add groups as need and opportunity arise.  If you want to help or join a group, please call Robert Kuenning, David Shipley, or Mike Katkus for information on a group in your area.


During this entire process of saving, building, selling, and moving, we have reminded each other that buildings are just tools for the Lord's work.  It is people that are priceless before God.  Therefore let us renew our efforts to reach the lost and extend love and encouragement for each other during this next challenging phase of congregational expansion.