April Ladies Encouragement Group

Written by Aspen Kuenning on . Posted in Women's Ministry

It's almost the beginning of April and time to think about who in our church family needs some special encouragement in the next month.  It's been wonderful  having more participation in this ministry, now that the ladies' ministry has been re-organized.  There are some great things happening, all over the place!  A few of you have asked me if we are still planning to meet at our regularly-scheduled times (the first Thursday of the month and the following Sunday).  The answer is "Yes."  I figured that if I rescheduled, it could get confusing and throw things off a bit.  Plus, the rest of my month is pretty packed!  I know that a lot of you won't be able to be at either of our upcoming meetings,  but you can still participate.  This is what you can do:

     1)  Between now & Sunday, let me know the names
           of people you think need some encouragement.
           (think, look around!)  I'll add these to our list.

     2) Check back with me in the next week or so (call,
          email, or just ask in person) and I will share the
          list with you, so that you can choose who you want to encourage.

Thank you so much for your loving hearts!  God has given us with a large family with many needs.  It is both a privilege and a responsibility to care for each other.  Let's keep up lifting each other up and honoring our Father! 
Tammie Baker